Celebrating Copeland – part 1

Before Christmas I got in contact with Florence Arts Centre with view to having an exhibition.

On Friday March 10 my exhibition was previewed before opening to the public on Saturday 11 and will be open until Saturday March 4.

The exhibition has now been open to the public for over a week and from Wednesday 22 – 25, I will be holding drop-in sessions.

One of the images on show


What have I learned so far:-

This is something that has to be dealt with. It comes in many different forms, I have felt it with exams, competitions, work – both with and without a camera but it is something different when it is drawn out over a period of time.

I work as a photojournalist and have attended preview nights. Having seen things from the other side I do not know who it is worse for.

It might sound strange but the whole image on a wall is not as easy as it sounds. From which image, how it will be hung, how high to hang the image, captions or no captions and the list of little things will keep on growing.

For this exhibition I wanted to have a relaxed hanging that was not completely level. This probably took longer than if it had all been level. Then the choice to have the image without a frame meant that there was another choice. Should the photograph have a backboard of some form. Then the decision to use pegs to hang the images. Wood, metal or plastic and then how will it be attached to the wall.

One of the walls at Florence Arts Centre

As I said earlier the list keeps on growing and that is before it opens to the public and you can get feedback. So far I have been told I have made three “mistakes”.

Is an exhibition something I would do again?

Definitely, I am already thinking of part 2, but FMP first.



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