Celebrating Copeland – Part 1 revisited

On March 4 my exhibition at Florence Arts Centre concluded.

In this post I shall look at some of the things I have learned from the experience.

Build Up
Once the date was set I didn’t promote the event widely. It featured in the Egremont 2Day in the newspaper and online before the exhibition started. It then featured in the CN Group publications (The Whitehaven News, Cumbria Life and Cumbria Live) in the editions the week of and after the exhibition opened. Then Cumbria Today requested an interview about the exhibition.

During the exhibition I had arranged to hold a week of drop in sessions, this was not widely publicised before hand and a limited social media reach.

This is something that should of started when the date was set for the exhibition and possibly before with a steady release of images through social media and then press involvement closer to the event after the date had been set and about the drop in sessions.

The exhibition held an opening night. The event was only arranged shortly before the the exhibition opened.

I didn’t promote the opening times of the gallery or the drop in sessions widely through social media.

There were no business cards or ways of linking the work in the gallery back to me unless somebody searched through the internet to find me.

Now that the exhibition has finished the three main points that I have taken away from this will be

  1. Be more active from the beginning.
  2. Use social media more
  3. Always have ways for people to contact you.

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