Britain in Focus – Episode 2

In the second episode of the three part series, Eamonn McCabe revisits the Heysel Stadium where in 1985 during the European Cup Final between Juventus and Liverpool a stadium wall collapsed killing 39 people. McCabe won News Photographer of the Year for the images he took of the disaster.

Continuing the advance through photography McCabe looks at the beginning of photojournalism with the Siege of Sidney Street in 1911 before moving onto the first world war and the personal cameras the soldiers took with them.

Churchill at the Siege of Sydney Street

The photographs the soldiers took were then bought by the newspapers but this went around the censorship in place leading to the banning of cameras being carried by soldiers and the formation of a press group controlled by the War Office.

The episode then moves onto the development of art photography with the Academy Award winner Cecil Beaton who created stunning portraits of the young solialites, while Bill Brant focused on the working class in the north of England.

Beaton, C, Nancy Beaton

When written down like this it seems a short episode however it was packed with interesting information about the new developments in the photographic styles.

The last episode looks at contemporary photography with Martin Parr and social media applications taking center stage.


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