Adobe Photography Web Event

On Tuesday March 28 Adobe hosted a live event which featured four photographers that have a very large Instagram following.

The event was hosted by Tigz Rice with Claire Luxton, George Turner, Sean Byrne and Hannah Argyle.

All the photographers use either Photoshop or Lightroom.

Up first was Claire Luxton (@claireluxtonstudio) who uses Photoshop to edit her self-portraits. Luxton started out using photography as a research method for her degree that was sculpture based.

Three tips Luxton offered were

1. Start with a good image.
2. Use layers to build an image.
3. Use a fluffy brush when painting in a layer.


Moving from self portraits to nature photographer George Turner (@georgetheexplorer) who like the remaining two uses Lightroom.

Turner likes his photographs to tell a story and moved into doing this after working for an advertising agency after finishing his degree in English. Two points that Turner put across were that he only works with people he believes in and to have passion for what you do.


Sean Bryne (@byrnephotography) is a landscape photographer who from his lorry cabin has gone on to work with Davidoff and plenty of tourist boards. Byrne always looks to outdo his last image and takes a variety of shots as he never knows which on will work when you look back on them. One of the main points that came across from Byrne is that asking questions and answering other peoples are important to him.


Hannah Argyle (@hannahargyle) is not what you necessarily call a photographer, Argyle uses photographs as part of her blog and instagram account. A lot of Argyles presentation was based around the use of instagram, how to increase reach of photographs by using community hastags or shooting with the square (1:1) ratio in mind. One of Argyles tips was to develop a style that is distinctive and recognizable through treating instgram like a body of work.



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