A Grand Night Out

For my final project at university I have been looking at the public houses and hotels of Whitehaven. The social history that has been contained in these meeting places that have been slowly disappearing is often a darker version of what the town is famous for. As shown in an earlier post called Inquests in a pub.

The economic fortune of the town is also shown in these buildings. In the towns history there has been over 200 public houses and hotels this number has now diminished to nearer 20. Of the public houses that are left the oldest is the Royal Oak and the Waverley Hotel has an interesting past as it was once a temperance bar, it did not serve alcohol.

While these two have survived some of the unlucky ones like the Old Crown that was demolished on George Street had there own interesting pasts. The landlord of the Old Crown was Frances Williamson and on March 2nd 1936 the public house was accused of supplying alcohol to a persons under the age of 14 not is a sealed container. This accusation was dismissed.

The photographic response that I have decided to use to represent the public houses shows the exterior of the building. This is to show a recognizable side to the public house as people who do not drink, people who visit the area will still be able to recognize the building. Taking the images at night will show what they are primarily used for now.

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This type of image will be used with a historical fact about Whitehaven that involved public houses or hotel.


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