Open to Interpretation

As stated earlier in this blog I am currently in the final semester of my final year at the University of Cumbria and as part of one of the course modules the group have to produce an exhibition which we decided to call Open to Interpretation through a democratic vote.

Within the group we decided to divide the tasks and group up into easier to manage sections. The section I volunteered to work in is as part of the Social Media and due to my connections within the local press to take part in the groups dealings with the local press.

In the social media group a Facebook page was set up called Open to Interpretation a Instagram account was started called opentointerpretation_ and a twitter account called @Open2In.

I have been in control of the twitter account that has grown to from nothing to include followers such as Derek Eland, Dougie Wallace and a like from musician James Blunt that all have helped promote the exhibition crowdfunding page that was set up through Indiegogo.

With the projects for the exhibition ongoing the available options for press exposure have been limited, with the completion of the portfolio section of the semester the chance for press exposure will be increased now due to the finished projects.


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